We hope to inspire healthier communities through strategic interventions that enable health, good nutrition and access to education. 

Our Work

Tebelo is a non-profit organisation working actively within vulnerable communities through local partnerships with 3 key focus areas.

Nurturing from the Earth

Holistic Health

Instilling Hope & Happiness

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Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape

Cemetery View, Gauteng

Our Story

The vision for Tebelo, which means “to mother” in Sotho, began over ten years ago when reverend and renowned author, Elza Meyer, envisioned Tebelo as a holistic health village that would be a safe-haven for vulnerable children (and families). Her daughter, Ellenore, took on the mantle of CEO in 2019 and is expanding the reach of this non-profit by uplifting communities through focusing on three key areas; namely health, education and nutrition.

Dr. Ellenore Meyer has spent the past decade working within vulnerable communities through the University of Pretoria. Learning through implementation, testing, and practice how to offer holistic care that addresses these three areas in four informal settlements in Gauteng, South Africa. In 2021 Tebelo expanded its reach to the Western Cape. Tebelo was given long-term farming and development rights to a 26 hectare farm located on the N2 between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay to establish a holistic health and education site. The site will support and empower members of vulnerable communities in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape through training and equipping of people with a focus on four key pillars: Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Farmers and Care Givers/Pastors.

Unique offerings on this site include:

  • A business in a box entrepreneurial course
  • Farming from home, start-up kit and training

Phase one of the development of Tebelo Village has already begun with the renovation of the existing farm house and the goal of launching pastoral training in early 2022. A multi-purpose community participatory design and building space is in drawing phase and will be built late 2021/early 2022.

Phase two includes the development of the Early Learning Centre and the goal of initiating Early-Learning Teacher Training in 2022. This phase will also include the development of an AI technology solution focused on self-directed learning for young children. Get more information on the many wonderful plans we have for the site by checking out the Tebelo Village page.

Farming on a larger scale on the property will be linked to training. Educational sessions and projects will support a sustainable food system for the region. Entrepreneurial training and financial support with a business in a box (converted container) will also begin in 2022.

We hope to positively impact thousands of people who will come to Tebelo Village to gain the knowledge, skills, and tools through one of our Lighthouse Projects, which will enable them to implement change within their own communities in the areas of health, education, and nutrition.

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Our team of dedicated individuals are from a variety of backgrounds – all working together to build healthier communities. 



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