Ellenore Meyer

Exciting news.

We are so excited to announce that the Food System Training Centre will soon be delivered to the Imvelo Food System Research Project site in Cemetery View. This, together with a kitchen and ablution unit will be placed on the Living Word Pta East church premises. Wilmar and Natasha are the pastors there and they …

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The University of Pretoria, department of Family Medicine is a partner for health care for the most vulnerable communities in Tshwane. Community Orientated Primary Care (COPC) as a service-learning model of the Family Medicine department that has been running in informal settlements for over 7 years offered an already established network for three informal settlements …

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Om In Onsekere Tye Betekenis Te Vind

Victor Frankl, ’n bekende psigiater, het ’n terapeutiese hulpmiddel ontwikkel wat bekend staan ​​as logoterapie. Hierdie teorie is gegrond op die oortuiging dat die mens in sy aard ontwerp is om betekenis te vind. Logoterapie is ’n raamwerk waarvolgens die dieper betekenis vir ’n mens se lewe, en die gepaardgaande ervarings, ontdek kan word. Frankl …

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