Early Childhood Development School & Training Centre

At Tebelo we believe that every person should have access to education. By providing training and free educational resources we hope to empower individuals and communities to achieve this. 

What we are doing

Currently a large % of women based in informal settlements that look after children or run informal “childcare” facilities are not qualified or equipped to assist with optimal education and stimulation of children.
This results in low educational/intellectual development, which is difficult to overcome once the child reaches primary school, causing a major problem for our entire educational system.

Where we are going

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Construction of a 240 square meters ECD building that can function as:
School for local pre-school children from the community of Kwanokuthula
Used as practical training facility for ECD training of teachers
The ECD school building can also be utilised as a Kids Ministry building during Church Services by Hillsong Church.
Through our partner training provider, Judea Hope, ECD teachers can earn a formal qualification.

ECD school can also be used to improve food security for children (e.g. through distribution of nutritional supplements, bars and other food packs.)

Funding Needed

Sponsored 52.5%
  1. Cash Contribution: We require a total of R420,000 in cash contributions to cover 47.5% of the R800,000 building cost. Judea Harvest has generously committed to sponsoring a portion of this amount.
  2. Slab Preparation: The estimated cost for preparing a 16mx15m slab is R100,000. This expense is crucial for creating a solid foundation for the MATTER Innovation Hub.
  3. Rezoning Assistance: To navigate the necessary rezoning procedures, we anticipate expenses of approximately R50,000. This assistance is vital to ensure compliance and the smooth establishment of the Innovation Hub.

Ways To Get Involved

Help us build healthy communities by donating your time, skills, knowledge and resources.


  1. A larger whiteboard.
  2. Balls & equipment for outdoor games.
  3. Items to create a soccer & netball feild.
  4. Food for cooking sourced from the community kitchen.


  1. Listen to reading, read to children, and work on worksheets with them (all materials will be provided to volunteers).
  2. Music & singing activities
  3. Volunteers for netball with the children


  1. Sponsor R3, 000 per child. Which includes R2, 000 for their annual transportation.
  2. A taxi for transporting the children to the afterschool learning programme, costing R4,800 per month.