Imvelo Food Systems

‘From the earth’

What we have done

Imvelo Urban Farms was launched at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Since then it has hosted a number of educational sessions on food cultivation for the residents of the nearby informal settlement and through its partners has supported a number of vulnerable families and children with food parcels and educational toys. This food system is part of a five year research program at the University of Pretoria and explores best practice models for food security and development.

The training centre that was placed on the Living Word premise next to the informal settlement serves as a  sanctuary providing training and promoting holistic living, empowering people whilst creating a sustainable food production and educational model that can be replicated all over South Africa.

More recently, kitchen items and seed donations were used as part of our training for food sustainability, farming with vegetables and chickens. This project included personal development and life skills for 25 women in Cemetery View in partnership with the agricultural research council and UNICEF. 


Where we are going


The broader vision for Imvelo is to integrate into all types of communities and as such form part of the urban fabric. A place to belong, be loved, contribute and grow.

Ways To Get Involved

Help us build healthy communities by donating your time, skills, knowledge and resources.


Donate towards our work or a specific project. 

Your contribution is a gift.


Contact our Tebelo team and become involved in one of our projects.

Your service is an act of giving and a huge contribution. 

Free Resources

Browse and download our free resources and get involved in the movement towards holistic health by growing a garden or distributing preschool education packs in your community.


The training center is located at Living Word next to the Cemetery View Informal Settlement, in Woodlands, Pretoria East.