Tebelo Lighthouse

To be a lighthouse for vulnerable people by equipping and supporting self-sufficiency and holistic health through access to education, nutrition, and health.

What we have done

Tebelo focuses on local impact with global relevance through our footprint in the communities in the Western Cape and Gauteng. We have a global reach by enabling access to our free resources to anyone locally or abroad. Our international partnerships impact and inform programs globally.

What we are doing


Our aim is to create a reproducible model based on research and refined through human-centered design that can be implemented across various sites in South Africa, Africa and globally.

We plan to achieve this through co-creation and innovation on the ground, leveraging existing knowledge, while challenging it with new methods of implementation and inter-disciplinary collaboration. A systematic development of training sites related to food (farming), self-care (life skills, health and spiritual care), care for others (education of children) and creating sustainability (entrepreneurship). We aim to support all these initiatives with digital solutions that encourage stakeholders to achieve their unique goals.

Ways To Get Involved

Help us build healthy communities by donating your time, skills, knowledge and resources.


Donate towards our work or a specific project. 

Your contribution is a gift.


Contact our Tebelo team and become involved in one of our projects.

Your service is an act of giving and a huge contribution. 

Free Resources

Browse and download our free resources and get involved in the movement towards holistic health by growing a garden or distributing preschool education packs in your community.


Portion 10 of Holt Hill, No 434. The Health Farm, Plettenberg Bay